2021 Open Government International Virtual Forum

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Ever since the Open Government Partnership (OGP) was formed in 2011, Open government has become an increasingly powerful global trend. Taiwan is not sitting out and has taken actions in promoting citizen participation, public-private collaboration, open data, and anti-corruption. In 2021, Taiwan began officially implementing its first Open Government National Action Plan (OGNAP).

As part of the democratization movement, open government cannot be achieved with mere slogans or empty promises. It redefines the relationship between government and civil society and connects government NPOs, international society, and individual citizens to form a network of stakeholders so as to break bureaucratic hierarchy and facilitate open governance.  

The road to open government is a long journey, and the experiences exchange and lessons learned between partners will be the key to making the open government continue to move forward. This November, the Taiwanese government and the civil society organization will jointly organize an international virtual forum, hoping to promote diversified exchanges and in-depth discussions on three topics: from promise to action, public-private collaboration and anti-corruption. Based on these topics, we organized 4 sessions for everyone for free. Please save your time and register it. We'll send you links for 2 live streaming videos before the forum.

  • Host: National Development Council
  • Co-host: Open Culture Foundation

開放政府夥伴關係聯盟(OGP)在 2011 年成立之後,開放政府運動已然成為全球性的浪潮。而臺灣並未置身事外,國內不僅針對促進公民參與、公私協力、開放資料、反腐敗及透明化等事項採取行動,更於 2021 年實施首個開放政府國家行動方案(OGNAP)。


開放政府之路任重而道遠,夥伴彼此間的經驗交流將是推動開放政府前行的關鍵。今年 11 月,臺灣政府將與民間夥伴共同舉辦線上國際研討會,以「承諾到行動」、「公私協力」、「反貪腐及透明化」三大主軸規劃兩天共四場次的議程,開放所有人免費參與。



Day 1 Agenda - November 16th / 第一天議程 11月16日

直播連結 event linkhttps://youtu.be/U6dz9dWsLkw 

  [Session 1 / 第一場次 ] 08:00 - 10:00 am (UTC/GMT+8, TPE Time)

On the Way to Implementing Open Government National Action Plan / 如何實踐開放政府國家行動方案?

  • Opening Panel 開場論壇: From Commitment to Execution, How to Open Government Step by Step? 從行動方案到承諾事項執行,打開政府的 一步一腳印

-- Audrey Tang 唐鳳 / Digital Minister, Taiwan 行政院政務委員
-- María Baron / Lead Civil Society Co-Chair, OGP Steering Committee OGP 指導委員會民間聯合主席
-- Scott Busby / Acting Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, Department of State, United States 美國國務院民主、人權暨勞工局副助卿
-- Kristian R. Ablan / Undersecretary, Presidential Communications Operations Office, Philippines 菲律賓總統府資訊自由辦公室次長

  • Keynote 主題演講: Reflections on the Independent Review Mechanism of the Open Government Partnership 開放政府的獨立審查機制 (IRM) 的精神與要點

-- Keitha Booth / Independent Researcher of the IRM 紐西蘭開放政府方案 IRM 獨立審查研究員


  [Session 2 / 第二場次 ] 16:10 - 18:00 pm (UTC/GMT+8, TPE Time)
  • Keynote 主題演講: Reflections on the Independent Review Mechanism of Open Parliament 開放國會的獨立審查機制經驗分享

-- Nodar Kherkheulidze / Independent Researcher of the IRM 喬治亞開放國會方案 IRM 獨立審查研究員

  • Panel 論壇: Move on to OGP Together! Meetup of OGP Purposing Countries 邁向開放政府 OGP 之路

-- Peng, Chi-Ming 彭啟明 / Co-convener of OGNAP in Taiwan 行政院開放政府國家行動方案推動小組共同召集人
-- Khairil Yusof / Co-founder of Sinar Project, Malaysia 馬來西亞 Sinar Project 共同創辦人
-- Fidan Kalaja / Chairperson of Kosovo Membership in OGP 科索沃 OGP 部門主席


Day 2 Agenda - November 17th / 第二天議程 11月17日

直播連結 event linkhttps://youtu.be/I5wppjKlhEE

  [Session 1 / 第一場次 ] 09:00 - 11:15 am (UTC/GMT+8, TPE Time)

Dialogue between the Government and Civil Society, Public-private Collaboration under the Epidemic / 政府與民間的對話:疫情之下的公私協力。

  • Panel 論壇: "Open Government" can help : Cases of Covid-19 Control and Society Improvement. 開放政府有用!? 防疫和社會創新的案例分享

-- Prof. Kyung Sin (KS) Park / Korea University Law School, OpenNet Director 韓國高麗大學法律系教授、OpenNet 執行董事
-- Hsiao Hsin-cheng 蕭新晟 / Civil member of Taiwan open government MSF 行政院開放政府國家行動方案推動小組民間委員

  • Civic space 公民空間- Digital Citizenship: How to Educate for Participation 數位公民:從識讀到參與的距離有多遠?
    --Rozália Klára Bakó  / Associate Professor,Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania Cluj-Napoca 羅馬尼亞克盧日·納波卡技術大學助理教授
  • Civic space 公民空間-  How to Open Government in Taiwan 臺灣的開放政府,究竟怎麼開?
    -- Yiwen Chan 詹壹雯 / Public Digital Innovation Space 公共數位創新空間小組
  • Keynote Section 主題議程: Co-creation and Public Participation 共創協作及公眾參與

-- Panthea Lee / Executive Director 執行長, Reboot
-- Shreya Basu / Asia-Pacific, Open Government Partnership 開放政府夥伴聯盟亞太區辦公室副主任


  [Session 2 / 第二場次 ]  15:00 - 17:40 pm  (UTC/GMT+8, TPE Time)

The Very Foundation of governance : Transparency and Anti-corruption / 透明、反貪 - 開放政府必經之路

  • Opening 開場: Not only Anti-corruption, but also Open 不只廉政、更要開放

-- Tsai, Pi-Chung 蔡碧仲 / Deputy Minister, Ministry of Justice, Taiwan ; Member of the Taiwan MSF 法務部政務次長、行政院開放政府國家行動方案推動小組委員

  • Keynote Section 主題議程:   Anti-corruption, A Long-term, Important movement for Democracy 政治廉潔和實質受益人

-- François Valérian / Member of Board of Directors, Transparency International 國際透明組織董事會成員
-- Ieva Dunčikaitė / OGP Project Leader, Transparency International Lithuania 立陶宛開放政府工作小組成員
-- Representative of NAP: Beneficial ownership transparency 法務部代表、實質受益人資訊透明承諾事項代表
-- Representative of NAP: Policies on financial transparency of religious groups to close Anti-money laundering loopholes 內政部代表 / 執行宗教團體財務透明之相關政策,阻絕洗錢漏洞承諾事項代表

  • Civic space 公民空間- Opening up the black box of CSR with open data: The case of Thaubing Footprint 用開放資料打開企業社會責任的黑箱-以透明足跡為例
    --  Hsin Cheng 程心 / Volunteer, Thaubing Footprint project at Green Citizens’ Action Alliance 綠色公民行動聯盟「透明足跡」志工
  • Keynote Section 主題議程: Open Contracting: A New Frontier for Transparency and Accountability 開放採購 - 提升透明度和課責制度的里程碑

-- Bernadine Fernz / Head of Infrastructure, Open Contracting Partnership 開放採購國際夥伴計畫
-- Representative of NAP: Establish and improve the government procurement integrity platform 法務部廉政署代表 / 建置與精進機關採購廉政平臺承諾事項代表



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