Ignite Open Data: Call for Talks

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Enlighten others with your awesome ideas, hacks, insights about Open Data, but make it quick!  Ignite Open Data is an evening event where we'll have 10 speakers present 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for a total of just five minutes.  This event coincides with the UK Open Data Delegation's visit in Taiwan, so it's an excellent chance to network with the international Open Data community.  Please submit your talk by 2015/3/2.  Note the event will be primarily in English.  Here are some topics that we think the audience  will find most interesting:

  • Innovative use of Open Data
  • Open Data Ecosystem and Toolchain
  • Best Practices making government agencies embrace Open Data
  • ... anything Open Data related!

If you have never given an ignite talk before, take a look at the video "Why and How to Give an Ignite Talk

Important Dates:

  • CFT Deadline: 2015/3/2
  • Speaker Notification: 2015/3/10
  • PDF Slides Due: 2015/3/17


聽過五分鐘的閃電講嗎?比閃電秀更刺激的閃燃講 (Ignite Talks) 來了!

來分享一下你關於開放資料的厲害想法、實作或洞見吧!「點燃開放資料之夜」將會邀請十位講者,每位用五分鐘時間,分享 20 張投影片(每張 15 秒自動跳頁)。本活動適逢英國開放資料代表團訪台,是和國際開放資料社群交流的大好時機!請在 2015/3/2 前報名成為講者,本活動將以英語進行。聽眾會覺得有趣的主題大概是:

  • 創新的開放資料應用
  • 開放資料生態系或工具鏈
  • 使政府單位擁抱開放資料的最佳實務
  • ... 任何跟開放資料相關的主題!

如果您從來沒有給過閃燃講,請參考一下這份影片的介紹:"Why and How to Give an Ignite Talk


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