Greenhost 如何建立獨立且開放的雲端主機平台?主題一:資料中心與網路骨幹

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OCF 不定期與國際友人合作,在台灣舉辦推廣開放文化的活動。本次由來自阿姆斯特丹的主機託管商 Greenhost 的創辦人 Mart 來進行三場經歷真槍實戰後所建立一座主機託管服務商的分享,預計將會針對不同的基礎建設拆分成 3 場精彩的內容,於 2/25 起每週一晚上舉辦:


本次分享將會分享 GreenHost 上千台服務器大型資料中心的建立心路歷程的和分享其建立時的具體考量及介紹



第三場:軟體 - 開源、閉源、企業版好貴


關於 Greenhost

Greenhost 是一家網路主機供應商 (hosting provider) ,總部位於阿姆斯特丹。他們是「綠的」主機供應商,資料中心、辦公室、電腦設備均使用節能永續的產品。除了提供商用服務之外,也以行動支持網路自由及開放原始碼,他們針對記者、非營利組織提供免費的「快速反應服務」,當線上服務遭受威脅時(例如駭客入侵或是 DDoS 攻擊),他們免費提供協助。他們也維護 Totem 線上資安學習平台、OpenAppStack (一鍵部署開源的線上檔案儲存、聊天、共享日曆、網站)、 雲端伺服器平台。

Mart 是 Greenhost 的創辦人,十分熟悉資料中心的營運及各種雲端運算技術。


協辦單位:Cloud Native Taiwan User Group

How to build an independent and open hosting provider

OCF works with international partners to promote open culture in Taiwan. This time we have invited Mart from Greenhost to give a series of talks. This series comprises 3 talks:

Part 1: Physical Infrastructure
Part 2: Internet Resources
Part 3: Software stack - Open Source, Close source, WTF is Enterprice

Greenhost is a hosting provider headquartered in Amsterdam. They are a “green” hosting provider, they use environment friendly equipments to operate. Other than offering commercial services, they also support internet freedom and FOSS actively. They provide “Rapid Response Service” for activists and journalists when digital security incidents occur. They also built the Totem online learning platform for digital security, OpenAppStack, an open source all-in-one solution for file storage, chat, calendar and website, and cloud server platform.

Mart is the founder of Greenhost. He is familiar will datacenter operations and cloud computing technologies.

This talk is in English, it will be consecutively interpreted into Mandarin Chinese.

Part 1 Abstract

Hosting is happening at a physical place. The data is hosted on hardware (servers) which are connected to the internet. The diversity if physical places is huge and the options are endless.

This talk will describe the current infrastructure of the internet. From small embedded computers (raspberry pi’s) illegally connected on a university campus, to huge datacenters with thousands of servers.

What is the right place and scale for your service and how to make sure you can scale in the future, if required.

  • What are datacenters, who owns them and operate them

  • Do you need a license?

  • What location considerions should you have

  • How are datacenters connected to the internet

  • What is a carrier neutral datacenter?

  • Out-Of-Bound, do I need that

Co-host: Cloud Native Taiwan User Group

摩茲工寮 / 100 台北市中正區八德路一段 94 號 3F

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